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The Charm of Black and White Painting

banaras black white painting

When decorating your home, deciding what to hang on your walls can be one of the hardest decisions to make. The simple answer is to choose black and white wall art.

Opposites attract, and black and white wall art immediately imparts visual impact in your home décor. Quality black and white wall paintings add drama and contrast. While the shapes in black and white abstract art infuses a level of complexity to the overall design of the home.

Black and white is an interesting pairing, as black and white are not even physical colours. White is pure light, and black is the absence of light. Yet the contrast between dark black paints and vivid white paints when combined in art is always captivating!

Always in style

Black and white wall art used in home décor is one of the safest choices. Black and white abstract paintings go with everything. Your homes’ design style may change over the years, yet black and white abstract wall art will always fit in with your latest home décor.

A touch of black and why not white?

Perhaps you have heard the rule in decoration – “every room can use a touch of black”. Black becomes the focal point in a room when used in home décor; and the combination of black and white in abstract art creates an eye-catching and sophisticated vibe in any room it is used in.

All mixed up

Create a gallery wall using a mixture of black and white photography and black and white paintings. It adds personality and you will not have to worry about colour clashing. The frames can be all different sizes, or they can be the same size, for example in sets of two.

Display your mixed black and white gallery wall beside or behind a tv or computer. TVs and computers are the biggest black boxes in your home! They will become slightly less conspicuous when surrounded by a monotone gallery of wall art.

Try the old with the new

Black and white abstract wall art really pops when used with a touch of the colour gold. For example, try a contemporary black and white painting in a classic gold frame. It’s unexpected and visually interesting.

Red, black and white wall art

Along with gold touches, a dash of the colour red is quite dramatic. As you can see, a splash of red in black and white wall art is powerful and appealing!

Imagination is everything

Whether contemporary, classic, or abstract, the stark contrast in black and white paintings evokes curiosity and imagination in the viewer’s mind.

Keep your home décor interesting for years to come and choose a black and white painting.

3 ideas that demand attention in any room:

1. Mix it up! Use black and white photography in a gallery wall of black and white paintings
2. Frame it! Use a gold vintage frame. It’s unexpected.
3. Use red! Red adds energy and passion to black and white art.

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Article By: Elena Greyrock

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