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8 Minimalist Living Room Ideas

Over recent years, the concept of minimalism has been popularized on a global level. Minimalism strongly focuses on the ideology of, ‘Less is more’. With the passage of time, I have understood that a minimal home is a perfect set-up for our busy lives. Increased competition at work, hectic schedules, the pressure of meeting tight deadlines in order to shine at work, has all contributed to a lot of stress, discontentment, restlessness etc. People hardly find the time to invest in leisure activities now.

Managing a house along with such a lifestyle can be potentially excruciating on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, the concept of minimalism has proved to be a boon for millennials. This theory majorly draws on the techniques of modernist architecture; wherein it emphasizes strategic thinking to design a home with bare essentials in such a manner that one is left with a set of curated objects that deliver a subtle yet magnificent impact.

minimalist living room

The idea of stark sleek lines combined with open spaces, pared-down furnishings and artefacts, clutter freestyle, no-frills design, smartly placed rugs; has been greatly admired and has been one of the most sought-after home décor ideas, in order to bring about simplicity, elegance, utility as well as add a contemporary touch to a modern Indian home.

Your living space determines your taste of décor. It is a place where you spend most of the time with your loved ones, so it requires to be designed in a more distinct, intricate and embellished manner as compared to the rest of the house. So, here are a few minimalist living room ideas to enliven your living space –

1. Use Artworks for Living Space:

An artwork is a refined, powerful design tool that can bring the elements of the room together by adding movement, whilst providing a splash of colour. Artworks account to be one of the most essential elements of living space. Select artworks that function as a supplementary feature to your tapestry and décor items. Neutral colours tend to evince a sense of tranquillity and calmness in the room, but adding a splash of colours on the walls of the living room accomplishes the overall aesthetic look.

Now for example, if your minimalist home has high walls and low-lying furniture; then pick out an oversized art so as to incorporate an artistic, esthetic and balanced look. Fabulous artwork makes up for a trendy style statement in a minimalist living room.

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For a minimalist style, the space, lighting, objects, colour of walls play a very crucial role. Therefore, if you intend to purchase artworks to decorate your living room; then pay attention to all these small yet imperative factors. A suitable art piece would augment the overall visual aesthetic appeal and add a dash of finesse to the room. Hence, be cautious while selecting artworks and don’t forget to keep your instinct and preferences into consideration as well.

minimalist living room
Parrots theme art by madan lal – Shop now

2. Venetian Mirrors:

The Venetian Mirror is a statement piece for contemporary and modern interior designs and is known to be one of the purest forms of mirrors in the world. The mirror is originally handcrafted by numerous pieces of designed mirrors that eventually form to be a special art piece that can be used as a wall accent to showcase a vintage minimalist décor look. The procedure of handcrafting Venetian mirrors is a laborious and time-consuming process. However, these consequential art pieces deliver maximum impact and are used to add a touch of elegance, sophistication and finesse to the living room. So, if you are a fan of antique artistic works, then this idea should definitely be on your to-do list.

3. Usage of Colours for Focal Elements:

Colour and vibrancy are synonymous with the Indian minimalist design. You can use colour as an accent for your living room. An easy way to do this is to pick up dark colours or saturated neutrals for your walls as well as floors and supplement a suitable colour for your soft furnishings. Select one or two low key colours like browns, greys and beiges for the walls, floors and ceilings to justify the minimalist approach and impart a subdued elegance to the room.

Light colours exhibit a sense of openness and create a soothing visual appeal to the room, thereby constituting it to be a vital characteristic of a minimalist décor. An unbroken swathe of graceful colour across the room is a pleasing sight to the eyes. The secondary function is enacted by walls in the living area anchored by the focal point of the room. When the eye doesn’t encounter any distortions and moves freely; in an unbroken course across the entire room, then it is purely an indicative feature of the measure of success of the main objective, being the minimalist style of decoration.

4. Invest in Sleek Furniture:

Minimalist theme abides by the philosophy that everything should be kept ‘minimal’ and deeply emphasizes on the selective curation of furniture items that would practically exude the modern functional beauty of living space.

The furniture for the living room should be well planned and organized in advance. It should be designed in such a way, that the space does not look bare or under furnished. Now, the concept of ‘Minimalism’ varies from person to person. What’s ‘minimalistic’ for one person may not be the same for another. After all, every individual has his or her own tastes and preferences. Therefore, the primary and key focus should be on avoiding the “overuse of bulky furniture”.

minimalist living room

Lightweight furniture is an optimal solution, to the minimalist concept due to its lean and clean lines. Opt for furniture with sharp edges and exposed legs. Slim metal furniture in a chrome finish brings out an intrinsic feature of ultra-modernism which further reinforces the perception of minimalism. Other practical examples include the use of floating shelves or a glass-topped coffee table that will go in line with the theme. If you are keen to purchase furniture items for your home or would like to have a look at a few furniture pieces then go ahead and check out these well–known, prominent sites such as IKEA, Pepperfry and Amazon; wherein a range of home décor items are present. Minimalist furniture for the living room is now available in a plethora of options and that too at economical rates.

5. Rugs

Choose a suitable rug over a carpet for the living room, so as to project a bold, functional design that goes in accordance with the minimalistic trend. ‘Size’ is the primary factor that differentiates between a rug and a carpet. Carpets are typically larger in size and come in squares or rectangles; whereas rugs are relatively smaller in size and are available in the form of numerous, shapes, patterns and sizes.

Patterns on rugs is a prominent design tool as it infuses a space with energy and also reduce the appearance of stains or wear on the rug. Go for a short pile, a rug with subtle stripes or cubic stripes to create a style quotient that would add splendour to the living room. With regards to convenience, rugs are easy to wash and move around.

Now, if you wish to have a classy yet aesthetic visual appeal to your minimalist home setting, then you should definitely consider Persian rugs. These rugs are not just floor coverings but are renowned works of art. The rug is a quintessential decorative accessory that is predominantly made from silk and vegetable dyes, natural wool and is known for its rich colours and compelling designs. Therefore, having such a floor covering can intensify the charm of your living room to a much larger extent! A woollen Persian rug is the best option for rooms that encounter more foot traffic. Likewise, a silk rug is useful to bring in sheen and grandeur to the living area owing to its luxurious finish.

6. Curtains

Always opt for floor to ceiling curtains and choose a fabric that will go in lieu of the minimalistic design of the room. Now, if you are looking for vibrant yet stylish drapery options to enliven your main space; then here are a few varieties of curtains to beautify your living space –

Cotton Curtains: These curtains prove to be a spiffing option for day-to-day use and are beneficial in controlling dust, thereby keeping the air breathable and clean. They are also an essential element that helps in the circulation of air. A cotton curtain conforms well to the minimalistic interior design trend as it is easy to wash, handle and change on a regular basis.

Linen Curtains: Another suitable choice of curtains that would prove to be a perfect fit in a minimalistic theme, blending in well with the furniture and neutral hues of the room. The material is breathable, airy and natural; allowing light to pass in easily. It also exudes a bohemian aesthetic to raw neutral hues. Sofa sets in earthy tones tend to enhance the magnificence of linen very well.

Striped Curtains: This specific design of curtains can commingle with the minimalist interior décor style seamlessly. Fat or thin stripes in tartan or plaid striped curtains in any material are an unconventional mix of the old and new.

English Curtains: Do you wish to incorporate an element of English elegance into your living room? If yes, then these curtains are the best choice to opt for your minimalist living room. Neutral in nature; the curtains require regular maintenance and go really well with vintage wooden sofas as well as modern minimalist ones.

While selecting the appropriate colour of curtains, always stick to colours such as your wall shades or your furniture; so that it doesn’t seem out of place and integrates well with the core essentials of the room.

7. Hanging Lights for Minimalist:

Appropriate and stylish lighting plays a pivotal role to highlight the visual appeal of a modern minimalist living room.

Modern Minimalist lighting style is symbolized by simple forms, dramatic shapes, clean lines and neutral colours. Now, if you are an ardent admirer of lights and have a strong penchant to learn more about them or plan to purchase them; then here a few variations of minimalist pendant lights, that are sure to impress and inspire you!

Caviar Grande White Pendant Light: Try out this unique, contemporary style hanging lamp to add the requisite glamour quotient and style statement to your interiors for a visually pleasing modern appeal. This sophisticated fixture has intricately crafted lampshades curated to perfection.

Long Tube Black LED Light: Now if you do not want to create much design noise for your living space and want to keep it subtle, then go for these sleek hanging lights. Just hang in a cluster of three minimalistic ceiling hanging lights like the tube pendant light beside an accent chair to create a powerful statement.

Candian Scandinavian Pendant Light: An extraordinary pendant light that features; a beige linen lampshade, a metal cage frame that offers fascinating diffused lighting and industrial lighting design to complement the interiors and create a distinct impression.

Aerian Pendant Light: Modern LED ceiling hanging lamp which has a geometric design and a metallic shade in matt finish! This particular hanging light is characterized by a geometric metal lampshade with multifaceted edges that allows light to pass through and offers a stupendous ambient lighting for your living room.

8. Indoor Plants

A television, sofa set, good lighting, curtains, rugs are common elements present in a living room. But to add a dash of freshness and create an embellished décor as per the minimalist principles, involves a set of smart ideas. One such brilliant idea that defines simplicity, beauty, grace and an added distinctive touch of exuberance and embellishment to the living room is the incorporation of indoor plants.

You can pick out your favourite plants from the multiple options provided underneath –

Flowering Plants: Such plants bloom right from the beginning and are a sight to behold. The vibrant hues of the flowers add a gorgeous and captivating appeal to the room. Examples include Barberton daisy, ornamental pepper plant, moth orchid, rose of china etc.

Easy and low light plants: These plants require low maintenance and are very easy to take care of. They do not require direct sunlight; thus, making them a great option for rooms where there is no direct sunlight. Examples include corn plant, peace lily, mother in law’s tongue, lucky bamboo plant and dragon tree etc.

Air Purifying Plants: Certain plants like peace lily, dragon tree and mother in law’s tongue are instrumental in purifying the air and filtering toxins and pollutants out, resulting in fresh air.

Table top plants: One of the most popular modes for decorating a minimalist living room, is the use of tabletop plants such as aglaonema, peace lily, bromeliads, philodendron, aloe vera etc. These plants can be kept over the top of any flat surface to accentuate the beauty of the space. You can also include creative planters to further increase the attractiveness of these plants.

minimalist living room


These are some of the ideas presented succinctly, to get an elaborate yet insightful knowledge on various ways to decorate a living room. While it may seem simple to create a minimalistic décor for the living room, in reality, it is a herculean task to pull off this exacting look. What looks like an enthralling, exhilarating and alluring living space in a beautiful, glossy magazine may not inevitably be a practical living space. Because after all, the house in which we live has to serve its main purpose. The design elements of the living area must not seem to be an adjustment or cause hindrance whilst going about our day-to-day activities. Minimalism strongly relies; on the art of being congenial and comfortable with the bare essentials. Hence, it should be accomplished in such a manner that the ‘practical aspect’ of the living room is unimpaired. Each and every piece of a decorative element present in the living area has to serve a distinct function, otherwise, it is deemed to be just occupying wasted space.

To express it all in a nutshell; most of the interior design rules are not applicable to the minimalist approach and it requires a very cautious curation of elements to make the final design which involves a lot of restraint and discipline as well.

Article By: Vijayshree

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