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Abstract Art ~ Filled with Endless Possibilities

Just as dreamy as it sounds, abstract art is something that pulls us away from reality

Pulled away or detached, the word ‘abstract’ is taken from a Latin word. Hence in the field of art, just as dreamy as it sounds abstract art is something that pulls us away from reality. Abstract art is complex for many to comprehend at first glance but as we carefully gaze upon we find ourselves in a utopia filled with romantic colours, different forms and approaches. Surprisingly abstract art walls were found long before we even put a label on them, yes even on cavemen paintings and art. But was there actually a ‘founder’ of abstract art? Was this modern art only already existing or was it a single person’s creation?

The answer was both a yes and a no. As obvious stated abstract art and paintings were already knowingly or unknowingly introduced in the world through cavemen paintings, but it was never named as such. It was later on when the ever famous Wassily Kandinsky, the now ‘Father of Abstract art’ put this tag to it. Therefore the world’s first abstract painting was introduced in the year of 1911 by Wassily Kandinsky.

Wassily Kandinsky painting

Artists found this as a safe haven, escaping reality and not escaping at the same time. Modern-day abstract art can be accounted from three main sources, them being; impressionism, post-impressionism and cubism. This suggested with an aftereffect that abstract art is not representative in any sense. One of the most fascinating things about Abstract art is about perspectives. What the artist might truly perceive wouldn’t be what others might perceive. One such example is the painting of Sir Piet Mondrian of 1921, the Tableau I.

The artist had a well-versed notion as to what his painting meant. Sir Piet Mondrian created the Mondrian’s defining style where the black lines in the painting signified mathematical precision and geometry. The clear cut lines gave different references of colours and accuracy which further created a very great source of inspiration for modern artists these days. Whereas a common man whilst looking at this painting might only come either with something very much complicated in order to match up to the painter himself or something very simple; therefore being all about perspectives which all again proves that there is no right and wrong. Abstract art is challenging since it needs a mind filled with creativity and open-mindedness.


Abstract art can be further classified into informal Abstractionism, Tachisme, Geometric Abstraction, Action painting and many more!

1. Informal Abstractionism is a kind of art wherein feelings, sensations and emotions take over rather than the very description of the painting itself where the different colours have a predominant movement of their own.

informal abstractionism

2. Tachisme is derived from the French word ‘tache’ which means to stain, such a movement in art took place in order to break free from the various other models of art that were prominently present before World War II. Such art mainly focuses on the dense, secluded past.

Tachsime art

3. Geometric Abstraction as the name suggests had a lot to do with precision as shown previously in Sir Piet Mondrian’s painting. This mainly focused on having clean cuts of lines and sold colours with geometric precision.

large colourful painting
Sudhir Talmale – Geocoloured (View Now)

4. Action paintings had nothing to do with action scenes that you might’ve imagined! In fact, it had something to do with the movements of the paintings. The action paintings’ mainly depended on how much the artists moved their graceful hands. The most common methods of this kind were the flicking of a wet brush onto the canvas or by dragging cans filled with vibrant colours.


Filled with endless possibilities of interpretations is what makes Abstract art special. There isn’t a definite meaning for a single art, but there are endless possibilities.

All Art is Abstract, because Art is an Abstraction of the Truth, Milford Zornes.

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Article by: Aanice Tressa Thomas

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