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ideas on how to decorate a small bedroom

Ideas on how to decorate a small bedroom

Having a small bedroom in your home should not be a hindrance to the scope of decoration as well as adding character to your place. In this short article, you will get 5 quick ideas to decorate a small bedroom.


1. Art


Art adds depth and beauty to your space. The right art for the home not only enhances your room but also brings positivity. However, remember this simple rule when buying art for a small bedroom:


If your room length is short then add a horizontal structure painting. This will make the room look elongated in size.

If your ceiling height is low then add a vertical structure painting. This will create an impression of a high roof setting.

Besides the horizontal & vertical work, you can also opt for square structure painting (not too big) .

horizontal painting
Horizontal Painting
horse print
Prints starting from just Rs 799 (Art for all initiative)
small bedroom decor
Vertical Painting

2. Mirrors

Mirrors are functional decor accessories for the home. They not only add optical dimensions to the bedroom but also act as a functional object for the home.


Buy large mirrors to be placed on one side of the wall. This will automatically add luxury as well as make your room look spacious.

small bedroom ideas
Large mirrors

3. Light Pastel colour wall


Never make the mistake of using dark shades for small bedrooms. This will only make your bedroom look even smaller and packed.


Use light pastel colours for your bedroom walls. Even a simple white would instantly add more space.

Light Pastel Walls

4. Lights


Bedroom lights are an important addition.


Use a mix of bright yellow and white lights. Place some of the lights in the corners of the bedroom as this will accentuate the corners and make the space less restrictive for the eyes.

frames, decoration, sunlight-6199828.jpg

5. Curtains:


If you have windows in your bedroom then you need curtains. Curtains selection is of paramount importance to your small bedroom decoration.


Don’t buy dark shades or highly patterned curtains for a small bedroom.

Instead, use light coloured plain shades curtains. This will blend well with your light coloured walls and add optical space to the small bedroom.

curtain, sides, interior-2153956.jpg



Implement the above 5 points and believe me, it will create a huge impact on your small bedroom decoration project.




Article By: Sabyasachi

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